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Add some MAGIC to your front door!

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We are the leading supplier of magical doormats made from 100% environmentally friendly natural coir fibers which will create a sense of magic by lighting up your homes. We provide a wide selection of mats including contemporary mats, retro themed mats, beach themed mats, and garden themed mats to cater to every taste. Magic LED mats have motion sensors which when triggered light ups up LED (light emitting diode) inlaid in the mats. These mats have a variety of colors to enhance your entrance and suit your needs.

Magic LED Doormats have a great functional capability as like any other coir mat, they are waterproof and trap grime and mud while enduring heavy foot traffic. They are extremely easy to clean, just disconnect its battery operated sensor box and hose it off gently. They can also survive extreme weather.

If you are interested in buying these unique Magic LED Doormats then

•    Order through our secure website or
•    Give us a call at 1-866-561-1921. Our helpful sales associates will help you with any questions you might have.

We can also ship anywhere in United States and Canada.

Thank you for your interest in Magic Doormat!